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Happiness is possible

  • Respect the dignity and worth of all individuals

  • Provide quality services in a caring, non-judgmental manner.
  • Encourage the development of full potential & individual responsibility in the areas of living, learning, working parenting & socializing

  • Work cooperatively with other community resources
Odyssey Community Services is an independent mental health and wellness company that specializes in counseling for all behavioral health issues, chemical dependency diagnoses, and strengthens families.

Parents and Son Enjoying Time Together Odyssey Community Services, Inc. a private for-profit, community based mental health corporation, committed to assisting children and families by providing competent counseling to all individuals. Odyssey Community Services, Inc. seeks to fulfill its mission through partnerships with other human service programs such as Community Service Boards, schools, courts, probation / parole officers, churches, hospitals, and various other agencies in the community.

Odyssey Community Services, Inc. believes that counseling and treatment should be administered in a therapeutically trusting environment that enhances the personal dignity of children and families. We strive to represent the family's wishes, individual goals and maximize opportunities for involvement and self-determination in planning and following through with home-based services as well as utilizing the tele-counseling to enhance services. We are committed to maintaining the integrity of the family.

Odyssey Community Services, Inc. prefers to provide services that focus on the entire family unit rather than on individuals. This goal is to empower and strengthen families, prevent family fragmentation and ensure children and adolescents remain in their homes. The family unit is a powerful social institution that should be protected, supported, nourished and maintained whenever possible. The care and treatment of children and families in their own homes offers a comprehensive therapeutic advantage that cannot be offered in traditional office based therapy sessions.

Odyssey Community Services, Inc. provides counseling and treatment approaches developed at the least restrictive level of care deemed appropriate for the client.


New Patients

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Featured Counseling Services

  • Alcohol and Drug Abuse
    Frequent intoxication, Altered personality/behavior, Change in friends, Deteriorating relationships
  • Anger Management
    Uncontrollable Rage, Constant aggression, Inability to resolve issues, Frequent hostility
  • Crisis Stabilization
    Intensive services to individuals experiencing crisis to avert emergency, psychiatric hospitalization or institutional placement
  • Delinquent Behaviors
    Violence, Gang Activity, Defiance, Rebellion
  • Depression and Anxiety
    Thoughts of death/suicide, Feelings of worthlessness, Withdrawl, Severe fatigue, Sudden weight loss
  • Employee Assistance Programs
    Substance abuse, Safe working environment, Emotional distress, Major life events, including births, accidents and deaths, Health care concerns, Financial or legal concerns, Family/personal relationship issues, Work relationship issues, Concerns about aging parents
  • Grief and Loss
    Dealing with loss, Help with Healing, Support group, Adjustment to new life
Our Team Our counselors emphasize working with juveniles and families to seek positive solutions to issues. Our training in the structural family approach helps us view each juvenile and family individually and develop unique service plans for each client by building on their identified strengths.

Odyssey Community Services, Inc. will implement a balanced approach in the design and delivery of treatment services, which includes consideration for community protection, accountability, and competency development.  Our approach utilizes a system of accountability within a context that allows juveniles to acquire the knowledge, skills, and abilities to function in a socially acceptable manner within the community.  Ultimately, Odyssey Community Services, Inc.  will develop competence in our youth that will provide each with positive alternatives to past choices.
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